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The body's sensitivity to prostate massage varies from person to person. Prostate orgasm Prostate massage is when you stimulate your prostate by means of a finger, dildo or penis. The build-up towards an orgasm To achieve an orgasm, you need to build up the sexual excitement. Sex is not just about coming; it's also about passion, being together and intimacy.

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Some men come very quickly; for others it can take longer. Here are some other tips for postponing your orgasm:

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Do you ever have problems coming? You can stimulate yourself in all kinds of ways, for example by watching porn, through physical contact with your sex partner or by touching sensitive areas such as your nipples or your prostate. To prevent yourself from coming too quickly, there are different ways in which you can postpone your orgasm. Prostate orgasm Prostate massage is when you stimulate your prostate by means of a finger, dildo or penis.

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Do you find the content appealing? Everything about sex Your feelings for men Coming out.

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